Wancito Is A Business Leader, Educator And Activist Starting A Family In Our District.

Wancito Francius is a young entrepreneur, Chief Executive Officer of a small established
security firm in the district for the past 10 years. Wancito and his wife are longtime residents in the district where they are raising three girls and a boy. He attended Miami Dade College, where he earned his first degree and went to Florida International University (FIU) where he graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice.

Wancito is a no-nonsense transformational leader, he always helps others reach their potential either in his sphere of his profession or through community volunteerism, He is a natural born leader always voice his opinions against wrongdoings and corruptions through local radio stations and social media.

Wancito is the voice of the community voiceless, Wancito will be our voice in Tallahassee.